MECA recently unveiled their new logo. We are honored that it was in part inspired by the infamous red staircase , designed by RR|A.

“Not only does our logo signify the unparalleled educational experience and wealth of professional development opportunities found at MECA, it also symbolizes several of our most important defining attributes: the five-pronged ‘E’ represents the five core tenets of our educational philosophy statement — studio, agency, place, community, and ethics; the five floors of the historic Porteous building; and the five educational areas — BFA, MFA, Art Ed, Continuing Studies, and Pre-College, while paying tribute to the iconic red stairwell that unifies each of the departments and majors.”

- Donald Tuski, MECA President, 2013.

"Some People say our red staircase is like arteries pumping vitality to all parts of the school. Others say its more like a strand of DNA wrapping its way upward, connecting us all with a common thread. But more simply, it's an everyday reminder that this is a unique place and that finding other talented artists working in every medium imaginable is just a matter of waking up or down a few flights of steps. The red staircase is literally the center of our world. To us, it means MECA."

- from the MECA Admission viewbook, 2010.

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