RR|A is featured in a new book; 'Eco-House Renovations: 45 Green House Conversions', by Lucy D. Rosenfeld.

RR|A's Urban Loft was selected as one of the showcased projects.

From the press release about the book:

"Providing everything from from simple updates with non-polluting materials to elaborate renovations, this is a must-have for anyone interested in eco-renovation.

Whether you live in a town house, a village colonial, a country barn, or a coastal saltbox, you can convert your old house into an ecologically sound new house.  This design book provides inspiration for aesthetically pleasing and practical renovations that can change the environment one house at a time.  Starting with a section on basic planning, this guide walks you through some major considerations necessary to the success of an eco-renovation.  Tour 45 projects around the country, including homes that have been reconfigured, renovated, added to, or otherwise redone to address everything from the size of the building’s footprint and energy needs, to its use of sustainable or even reused materials and its pollution emissions.  Illustrated with nearly 300 photos and building plans, and complete with design resources, this is a great reference for anyone considering an eco-renovation."

Click here to see the 'Green Live/Work Loft' article in this new book.

The book sells for $49.99 and can be purchased through the publisher at www.schifferbooks.com, your local bookseller, as well as numerous online retailers.